A facility was created in secret to discover the secret to alicornhood. You wake up to the facility having been abandoned for years.
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2015-06-04 01:17:35 No. 23316602
Welcome to a thread that probably won't see any more than like 10 people in it. meaning you will have a better chance of making a critical choice in the outcome of this story. Welcome you few brave annons and namefags to a thread where you control the mind of a filly on her journey for survival. Without further posturing.

>you fall with a wet flop on the floor covered in some... fluid...
>you observer your surroundings.
Behind you is a large tank still wet with the same fluid. Above the tank is a red lit sign that indicates "11-54". The hallway grows darker to your right and ends in a staircase to your left all of the lights that are supposed to brighten the hallway are out but a faint light emanates from the staircase.
>What are we going to do?
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