Travel on a western style adventure with Speed to learn all about alchemy and make friends along the way.
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>>21905131 (OP)
Here we have the three objects. If you where in the last mushroom quest thread you might remember them.

The bottle message stands for a little adventure in a flooded equestria. You can sail the seas and have pirate or sailor adventures. You will be able to create a character to play as.

The potion stands for an alchemy adventure. In which you will be a pony whose special talent is alchemy. For the past time you traveled the world in search for alchemistic knowledge, but soon you will be put to a test that will put you to a challenge. You will be able to create a character but with limitations.

The gem stands for the continuation of mushroom quest. In the her journey to gather a weapon against the mycelium our hero green got her hoofs on a powerful magical gem. Now that she managed to beat the mushrooms and things start to settle down again she goes back to the diamond dogs, where the robot body for the spirit in the gem, still waits. You will be able to choose if you want to play as green or the robot.
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