A sirene has been unleashed upon the land! Can she keep her skin properly maintained on the surface world?
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2016-05-07 12:12:40 No. 27294411
it'll be abandoned after one session.
Our talent is being acrobatic. We can do backflips and spins. We're pretty flexible too. Cutie mark is a bamboo stick

2016-05-07 12:07:20 No. 27294349
We are really crazy attractive. Like super hot.

2016-05-07 12:32:53 No. 27294648
So we have a little bit of an acrobat here? Flexible and surely rather nimble as well. And what a beautiful sign of destiny you have, one could truly be jealous.

And attractive, too? What a multi-talent you are, I am impressed. Even though it never manifested as your talent, your beauty is undeniable!

Obviously, you seem to have a good bit of confidence as well, don't you, my child?
How did you receive your talent, will you tell an old geezer this story?
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