Anon has made it to Equestria as the little mare with his magical guardian Patchwork. What shenanigans will they get up to together?
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Hey guys, I'm throwing out a introduction to a possible CYOA-ish story with Anonfilly and a magical doll(y), please drop your opinion on the idea and introduction
I'm rather new to writing for 4chan

>You Awaken
>The first thing you notice is that you’re no longer in your bed
>Or your home, for that matter
>You find yourself in a cold, quiet tunnel, behind you; a void of nothingness
>With no other clear options, you walk down the tunnel, your footsteps echoing as you proceed
>You begin to hear music playing from a distance; echoing and bouncing off of the walls
>You pick up the pace, the music slowly growing louder and more clear
>You come into an open, dome-like room, the sight before you making you stop in your tracks to admire the sight
>a huge contraption of cogs and gears make the walls of the room; silently ticking and clicking as the music fills the air
>In front of you, a bridge leading to a floating platform; instruments of all kinds seen everywhere on the platform; a huge chunk of them you’ve never seen in your life
>However, directly ahead of you, sits a tall being made of what looks like a fine cloth, multiple arms stretching out from his body to play certain instruments; making the music that had lured you in.
>Behind him, all the machinery making up the dome room meet and come together, to a closed gateway with several clocks on the outside; each with different times and speeds
>After coming back to your reality, you slowly begin to walk forward, still confused by the events
>The puppet man sit hunched over, the multiple arms protruding out of his body working the instruments as if they had a mind of their own
>When you come close, he lifts his head, showing his face
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