You've inherited a decrepit old inn from your late father. Can you turn it into a thriving business?
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2015-07-28 07:53:52 No. 24066420
Welp, ignoring all the talks about dicks, time to walk around all the rooms, to see all the destruction that happened.

2015-07-28 07:56:54 No. 24066465
Oh ok, your last post didn't end in a "what do?"
Well then. Let's give our helper her drink.
How much money do we have right now?
It would probably be easyer to build a new inn then fix this one.

2015-07-28 08:06:26 No. 24066577

>You look at what remains of the bar, which has a sizeable dent in the countertop that you can't help but notice looks rather similar in shape and size to someone's head. Behind the bar are broken bottles of varying sizes and shapes, all covered in a fine layer of dust.
"Well, rain check on the drink it is, then," you announce with a sigh.
>"This is going to be expensive to repair. You brought plenty of bits with you, right?" Azura asked, carefully minding her steps as she trotted across the main room.
"A few hundred, maybe, but I don't think fixing ceiling-holes comes cheap," you lament with a sigh.

You figure you may as well inspect the rest of the inn and take final stock of all the damage. Where do you head first? Upstairs? Downstairs? Or check the back rooms on the mainfloor?
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