You've inherited a decrepit old inn from your late father. Can you turn it into a thriving business?
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2015-07-29 02:27:06 No. 24070356

Well... We'll need the help to spruce up the place.

Tell them what, if they help with the maintenence with clearing out bugs and cleaning up the place, and may be even being serving bugs, they get to stay.

That would be nice. This IS Equestria after all.
It would be amusing to say the least.

2015-07-29 03:18:40 No. 24070611

Assuming the plan of the spiders actually paying up doesn't work, we should stand side-by-side, covering each other from advancing spiders.

2015-07-29 05:23:27 No. 24071001
Don't break away from the group mang. We can force him to go with the ludicrous option if we all push for it.

2015-07-29 02:13:19 No. 24074269
If they're in the corner, there's no real plan other than go in charging or just take one of the heavy crates to smash them.

However, I would find it much more entertaining if they came back and the spiders gives Pot Luck the rent money. Steady source of income, plus free pest control.

2015-07-29 06:25:17 No. 24077296

"Why am I coming up with the plan? You're the adventurer," you reply.
>"Yes, but I doubt you'd like my 'blast everything that moves' since you might get hit," Azura snapped back in indignation. You shoot a quick, disapproving frown back at her.
"Let's just stick together, you handle the left, I'll take the right."
>It seemed like a simple enough plan, assuming things didn't horribly arwy. Despite taking a few calming breaths, you find your nerves beginning to fray a bit as the of you edge closer to the cellar door. God, you hoped this didn't end with a lawyer sending a letter to your cousin explaining how you've been eaten by a pack of spiders.
"Okay, open the door on the count of three..."
>Azura gulps and then nods.
>The door swings open; you grip your shovel firmly and are just about to charge in.
>And then you suddenly notice there's a piece of parchment stuck to the underside of the door, secured in place with webs.
>"You have got to be kidding me..." Azura deadpanned.
>Cautiously, you take the parchment. You notice it's the same note that you had dropped down the cellar door a short while ago...except now there's crude scribblings on the other side. You quietly read it to yourself...feeling a mixture of shock and bewilderment flood through you.
>"Well don't keep the rest of us in suspense," Azura quipped.
", spiders, they're claiming that the establishment was non-operational and abandoned at the time of their arrival, and as such their presence up until today does not constitute as legal tenancy. They're saying I can't claim backpay for times when the inn was not in operation."
>"You can't be serious."
"It's a pretty solid legal defense. I'm actually a bit surprised."
"They misspelled 'parley' too."

How do you proceed?
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