You've inherited a decrepit old inn from your late father. Can you turn it into a thriving business?
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I'm not sure that deep green fits the name Hot Pot very well. I'm thinking a yellow-orange coat and a reddish-Brown mane cut pretty short. Stocky build fits fine.

2015-07-30 06:56:56 No. 24084262

>You had always heard stories about changelings and their ability to perfectly mimic other ponies. So you expected to see a copy of yourself, from your golden yellow pelt to your auburn mane. What you saw instead was a very bad imitation of you - the colours were all wrong, in varying shades of graytones, her overall size hadn't changed at all (making for a pint-sized version of you), and even the cutie mark was upside-down.
"That's bad," you comment, trying to stay positive.
>"It's horrible," Wispy replied, promptly returning to her original form. "Hard to steal love when you can't look like the pony your victim loves."
"Do you have any other marketable skills?"
>The changeling shrugged her shoulders. In all fairness, most changelings probably didn't have much need for skills beyond what was needed for stealing love.
"Well once the tavern is up and running, I could use a waitress. Assuming you could come up with some sort of disguise."
>"Oh, I got just the thing!" Wispy exclaimed.
>She proceeded to go through her strained transformation process, but this time emerged as a tiny gray-toned pegasus with a short, swept-back mane. It didn't look quite as bad, but that was because you had no idea who she was supposed to look like. "This is what I usually look like when I need to go outside."
"I can see that working," you nod in agreement. "We can, um, work out the exact details of our new employment contract later. And totally random question but do you have any issues with spiders, particularly of the large variety?"
>"Not really, but depends how large. Why?" she asks, blinking in confusion.
>You proceed to explain your encounter with your other set of tenants.

Though reluctant to believe you, she doesn't seem bothered by the notion. Now what?
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