You've inherited a decrepit old inn from your late father. Can you turn it into a thriving business?
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To eat. Otherwise you'll wind up with food-puns through this adventure.


>You trot up to the task, which up close proved to be much larger than you had thought. The stallion behind it was towering; the kind that probably considered throwing cut-down trees as a 'fun pasttime.' Despite the audible clip-clop of your hooves, your presence goes unnoticed at first.
"Ahem," you clear your throat, "Excuse me, sir. I wish to inquire about some renovations and repairs to my property. Are you the one I should speak with about such arrangements?"
>Slowly, almost painfully so, the stallions eyes pulled away from the paperwork and settled upon you.
>"Aye," he answers, a flat and heavy baritone to his voice.
"So...would it be possible to get somepony to inspect my property and get an estimate?"
>The stallion blinks. "Aye."
"Could that soon?"
>"Aye." This time the stallion began to actually move, gradually pivoting in his seat away from you and towards a nearby stairwell.
>"'Ey! Rowan! Ya got work ta do!"
>"I'm busy, dad! Get Juniper to do it!" A voice shouted down in response.
>"I dannae care! Pull yer dick outta that sheep and get down here!"
>A few moments later, an equally large, shaggy-maned pony came trotting down the stairs, visibly annoyed.
>"For the last time, dad, she's from Shetland, not Sheepland!" the younger stallion quipped.
>"Just grab a board and go help this lad," the father instructed.
>You begin to wonder if anything in this town is normal.
>The younger stallion grabs a nearby saddlebag and fits it on before trotting over to you.
>"Afternoon there. Name's Rowanwood," he introduces himself. "Got some stuff fixing up, eh? What can you tell me about your property?"

How do you respond?
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