You've inherited a decrepit old inn from your late father. Can you turn it into a thriving business?
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"The upstairs isn't too bad, but most of the furniture could use some sprucing up though," you explain as you lead Rowan to the stairs heading up.
>You figure its best to make sure your new helper was aware of the situation.
"Hey Wisp, we got company!" you call out. "Could I have you out front."
>"Coming!" she shouts back. A few seconds later you see a familiar grayish pegasus come trotting along, carrying an old broom under one wing. "Just doing a little sweeping. Didn't think you'd be back so soon."
"The inn is going to need a lot of repair work, so Rowan here is appraising its condition," you explain as you gesture to the stallion accompanying you. "I was wondering if you could head to the cellar and make sure that it's tidied up a bit. You know, you don't want anything like...say, spiders, getting in the way." You throw in a few winks with the hopes that Wisp gets the message.
>"Spiders? Oh! Ohhhh...right, spiders. I'll see what I can do," Wisp nods in response. She hurries on her way, humming all the while.
>"Cute kid. She yours?" Rowan comments.
"It's...complicated." And somewhat unbelievable, too, when you thought about it.
>You lead Rowan through the various rooms with the stallion doing a lot of humming and hawwing as he looks over the quality of the furniture, the rooms, and the support beams overhead.
>Things seem to be going smoothly until you hear a loud, piercing shriek coming from downstairs...

Oh what now...? What do you do?
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