You've inherited a decrepit old inn from your late father. Can you turn it into a thriving business?
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2015-07-31 01:35:05 No. 24095455
Tell him to do his job. Is the cellar structure sound and do we need new cask shelves.

2015-07-31 01:35:28 No. 24095457
Now ask him what his assessment of the building is and how much it'd take to fix

2015-07-31 01:41:46 No. 24095524
Just tell him we can stay by his side the whole time if that will make him feel better

2015-07-31 02:06:37 No. 24095736

>You decide to try and steer the conversation back to the whole reason you brought Rowan in in the first place. It might help him get his mind away from the spiders and changelings business.
"Now listen, the spiders are going to be residing in the cellar. Is it possible that you could partition a section of the cellar off so they can have some privacy, as well as keep them separate from the food storage. Are you able to do that?"
>It took a few seconds but eventually Rowan's brain managed to kick back into gear.
>"O-oh, y-yes, we can do that. It shouldn't be too hard to just build a wall partition. large do you need it?"
"Good question," you reply as you turn to the spiders. "How much space do you think you'll need? And keep in mind you are going to have to assist in paying for this renovation."
>The spider makes a waving gesture towards the corner, where upon several spiders begein descending from the ceiling, leaving a thick trail of web behind them. Once they've reached the floor, you realize that the strands form a perimeter marking off a 3x3 section in the corner.
"There you go...about that big."

What business do you want to attend to next with Rowan?
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