You've inherited a decrepit old inn from your late father. Can you turn it into a thriving business?
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2015-07-31 02:49:58 No. 24096026
We'll tally up what we do and don't want at the end of the survey once we know all the costs. So a maybe for now.

2015-07-31 03:03:11 No. 24096106
I also have an issue with having a drunk be able to barge in while she's in a 'safe spot'. I'd rather a bit of a hallway instead.

2015-07-31 03:11:32 No. 24096164
Shouldn't be an issue. The biggest thing is to have both doors connect to the non-public area where patrons should never be. If a drunk gets to the kitchen he's already too far in. Plus that'd cramp up that little hallway and would be an additional, unnecessary cost.

2015-07-31 03:28:59 No. 24096244

"We'll put it down as a 'maybe' for now."
>As much as you'd like an extra latrine for those late night crowds, you can't be too ambitious with your money right off the bat. If you overextended yourself, you could wind up with no money left to secure your supplies sources.
>You and Rowan head back into the kitchen.
"Hey Wispy, could you come here for a second?" You call out, unsure where your changeling employee is currently.
>A few moments later, you see the familiar pegasus trotting over to you. For a second Rowan looks a bit wary, but calms down soon afterwards. Seeing the changeling in disguise probably worried him for a second.
>"What's up boss?" she asks, eager and curious as always.
"How do you think of having the room in the corner for yourself?"
>"'d give me ALL of that?" Wispy replied, stunned by the offer.
"I'd feel better if you had a room that had less risk of a drunk patron wandering in and seeing you out of disguise," you rationalize. It made sense, though you can't help but wonder if maybe you just wanted to show some kindness to this changeling who seems to have been deprived of it.
>Once again, you find yourself getting another vice-grip of a hug from an overly grateful Wispy. Rowan is left snickering as he watches you pry the changeling off once more.
"I'm thinking perhaps, though, that we take out the door leading outside and to my room and instead give it direct access to the kitchen itself. You know, so she can leave without having to go through my room. And we'll need proper furnishing for these rooms, too."
>"Fair enough, I can do that," Rowan nods as he jotes down more notes and sketches.

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