You've inherited a decrepit old inn from your late father. Can you turn it into a thriving business?
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Ponyville seems to be a hotbed of excitement these days. Between the dragons roosting in the mountains, horrid monsters wandering out from the Everfree Forest, ancient ruins discovered deep in the earth, and the ever-presenting of all-out war between the Equestrians and the Gryphons, it seems like everypony looking for fame or fortune is flocking to this town.
>It is an age of knights, adventurers, dark magics, and destined heroes.
>You are none of these things.
>Your name is Pot Luck, and you're just trying to run your inn, the Sword and Board.
>Your grand opening party was a huge success, though its aftermath was sullied by the discovery that Whispy had, in fact, been keeping an enchantment over you.
>Confronting her, you realize that her actions were fueled by fear of loss rather than malice. After a tearful apology from her, Whispy returns with you to the inn.



Inn floorplan:

List of Supplies and Upgrades:

Special thanks as always to our artist.

>The next morning, you awaken to a pleasant sense of calmness and bliss. It's another day in Ponyville, but you feel more optimistic than ever. The success of the night before was still on your mind, as well as a funky taste in your mouth.
>The kitchen doesn't need to be opened up the afternoon when the lunch crowds potentially come by. You remember that White Wine made a suggestion for you to visit her winery today in order to taste some samples, and you could use a proper supply of dairy for your tavern.

The day is young. What shall you do?
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