You've inherited a decrepit old inn from your late father. Can you turn it into a thriving business?
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>Ponyville seems to be a hotbed of excitement these days. Between the dragons roosting in the mountains, horrid monsters wandering out from the Everfree Forest, ancient ruins discovered deep in the earth, and the ever-presenting of all-out war between the Equestrians and the Gryphons, it seems like everypony looking for fame or fortune is flocking to this town.
>It is an age of knights, adventurers, dark magics, and destined heroes.
>You are none of these things.
>Your name is Pot Luck, and you just want to run your inn and tavern, the Sword and Board.
>After a morning of shopping, you've return to your inn to return to duty. However, while business was quiet at best, you did manage to convince Sundance to do a little bit of dancing, with some help from Aireanna and the beat-boxing skills of Whispy. It was a short-lived session, though, as Longshot returned with the client you had agreed to help shelter.



Inn floorplan:

List of Supplies and Upgrades:

Special thanks as always to our artist.

>The evening begins to approach, which heralds the impending arrival of the busiest period of your day. You casually relax behind the bar, nibbling on some bread with Whispy, who sits on the countertop. You wonder how busy it'll be today.
>And at the back of your mind, you ponder about whether Cutie Swirl will take you up on your offer or not. From what you remember from White Wine, it sounds like the lad could use some friends in his life.
>Your train of thought, however, gets a kick in the nuts as the front door of the tavern is suddenly kicked open.
>"The king hath returned!" a stallion shouts as he struts into the tavern, carrying a very large stone upon his back.
"G'evening Rough Dimaond," you reply, shaking your with a quiet chuckle.
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