You've inherited a decrepit old inn from your late father. Can you turn it into a thriving business?
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>Ponyville seems to be a hotbed of excitement these days. Between the dragons roosting in the mountains, horrid monsters wandering out from the Everfree Forest, ancient ruins discovered deep in the earth, and the ever-presenting of all-out war between the Equestrians and the Gryphons, it seems like everypony looking for fame or fortune is flocking to this town.
>It is an age of knights, adventurers, dark magics, and destined heroes.
>You are none of these things.
>Your name is Pot Luck, and you just want to run your inn and tavern, the Sword and Board.
>You've taken out Ember for a little walk around Ponyville, showing her the gardens at the meadery and the butchers shop. It's helped give you a little bit more perspective on the always-smouldering vixen of your kitchen, but she's still something of a mystery to you.
>You picked up Wispy's cape from the tailor and a lute that you've given to Airy. Both gifts went over great with your friends.
>Today, you've got plans to visit the mines with Rough Diamond and, with any luck, Tex. Might make for an interesting day's out or just wind up wasting time that could've been spent making bits.



Inn floorplan:

List of Supplies and Upgrades:


Special thanks as always to our artist.

>You spend the rest of the early morning getting ready for your trip to the mines. You don't plan to spend the entire day there, so you don't need to pack excessively. Still, it's important to be prepared so you quickly draw up a list of things you'll want to make sure you have with you when you go.

What do you want to bring with you?
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