The API to access the database is pretty bloody simple.

The following will list every CYOA on the website and it's ID.


The following will list every thread found using the search patterns of a specific CYOA, specified by its ID.


The following will list every post found using the thread id and cyoa id of a CYOA. There is a final variable that will specify whether to display only QM posts or not. 'true' or blank will display only QM posts, 'false' will display all posts.


The following will display the information for a single post.


The following will display the fanart for a quest.


The following will display the latest X amount of fanart for all quests.

https://www.anonpone.com/api/fanart/new/{number of items}


QMs streaming on Picarto can display that they're streaming on Anonpone by putting 'cyoa' and the shortname (https://www.anonpone.com/custos/ would be 'custos') of their quest in their streaming tags.

An additional streaming feature is the last QM post. It will display the post number, image, or time since the last post for the quest specified. This can be layered on the screen with most streaming software, allowing streamers to display their lasts posts.

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