Discover the mysteries that lie beneath these islands
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>>24154996 (OP)
"Hello there big guy! I'm Gem. I'm not from around here maybe you could show me around?"
>You say with your brightest smile
>”Of course, it would be my pleasure. Let’s just wait for my brother, he’s got another sack to pull out”
“Your brother?”
>As you speak another pony emerges from the water. Although buffer than his brother, he has the same type of face and hair
>And the colour of his mane and coat are switched compared to Grouper
>”Gem, this is Halibut, my brother” Grouper declares “Bro, this is Gem Stone over there”
>”Nice to meet you Gem” he says, once the sack he was carrying is put down “Although I’ve seen you a couple of times already”
”Why must everything always be so wonderful…” you mutter in awe
>”What did you say?”
“Eh… I said I’m really happy to meet you and I wondered if you’d give me a tour of the island”
>The two young stallions nod in response
>But first, the boat is brought on the sand and the fruits are stored in a shack
>You take on the occasion to taste one of those seaberries. The fruit is round, blue and roughly the size of and apple
>Taking a bite, you’re surprised to meet a salty taste from the berry
>Although, since it grew in the sea, this is not entirely surprising
>Aside from that, it taste a little like an onion, with a hint of lemon
>This is… rather strange. You’re not sure you like it yet
>”Hehe!” Halibut giggles, probably at the face you’re making “Raw seaberries are not your thing, are they?”
>”Don’t worry, once it’s cooked in a stew or in a soup with some cassava, you’re gonna love it!”
>And then they proceed to show you the little settlement, but not before telling you a little more about Alga, as you asked the two of them
>Their family work with the one of Alga on the lagoon. She didn’t come this time because she was watching over you
>Alga is the one that found you and she spend the last two days at your side
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