Aw shit Nigga you's in Ponyville
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2013-05-11 01:17:45 No. 10491264
Last episode, or hero was in the hospital. Again. This time for a penis injury. That he DIDN'T get from sex!
The Nurse wasn't happy to see him again, probably cause he's racist. Or just because he has no idea how human anatomy works and you make his job harder.
According to him, laying off doing anything intensive for a few days, but to listen to what the doctor says.
>Health: 88%
>stamina: 87%
>spaghetti: 44%
>inventory: clothes (1), balloon pack (10), Balloon (1)bits (36), stick (2), Cider bottle (empty), diamond grain (12), horse pills (16) spider (bro), hat, bouquets (4)

>prev episodes:
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