Aw shit Nigga you's in Ponyville
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When we had last left our noble protagonist(?) He'd just brought Tulip to see Fluttershy and gotten his stab wound cleaned. After questioning Fluttershy about the Planned Pink Pone Party, he'd asked where to get parts for a helicopter. no luck on either of those ventures.
>>Health: 96%
>>stamina: 89%
>>spaghetti: 24%
>>inventory: bat cowl, balloon pack (9), bits (50), stick (2), Cider bottle (empty), diamond grain (7), horse pills (15), dick cream, stethoscope, brush (carrot top hair), changeling piss, knife, changeling garb, cupcakes (3), Donuts (2), cake

>prev episodes, dropboxes:
>gonna be a short episode, gonna work as quickly as I can to get an adequate number of turns in
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