Aw shit Nigga you's in Ponyville
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When we'd last left out her, He'd arrived home from ponyville, and went to work for the day because he needs money.
At the end of his shift, you were immediately confronted by Twilight, nervously interrogating you as to how your visit with the Princesses went. Spike seems pretty tired of her shit, you wonder if she's been this on edge since you left.
>Health: 95%
>Stam: myotismon vs godzilla II: dead man chest%
>Spaghetti: 44%
>Inventory: clothes, bat cowl, balloon pack (9), bits (18), stick (2), Cider bottle (empty), diamond grain (4), stethoscope, brush (carrot top hair), changeling piss, knife, changeling garb, Donuts (1, stale), armor, spiderbro, pimpin' hat, 50 shades of neigh, staffbuilders guide for dummies, Changeling Biology, Ponynomicon, Minecraft book?

>cutting out early tonight, gonna push forward as quickly as possible
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