Aw shit Nigga you's in Ponyville
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Last episode, our hero had attempted to Teleport spike to his presence with his Staff of Ra there. Unfortunately, you'd only teleported in a piece of his headspike. He's just a bit distraught, but unharmed.
>Health: 79%
>Stamina: 69%
>Spaghetti: 27%
>inventory: clothes(burnt), bat cowl, balloon pack (4), balloons (5), bits (10), ashes, cider bottle (empty), diamond grain (2), stethoscope, brush (carrot top hair), changeling piss, knife, changeling garb, armor, spiderbro, pimpin' hat, 50 shades of neigh, changeling biology, Muffin, Ponynomicon, minecraft book, tulips, phoenix ashes, love poison, cocaine (1 gram), salt lick, burn cream, flower
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