Aw shit Nigga you's in Ponyville
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Last episode, after sleeping in a damp bad with Lyra and Tulip. our hero had been bothering his changeling friend to take him to her Hive. She asked if you were sure you wanna do this, it could really be dangerous, and she doesn't want anything bad o happen to you.
Just then, Aloe walked in, barely paying attention to her surroundings, turning the stove on to heat the coffee pot. She looks weird without her headband and collar thing.
>Health: 80%
>Stamina: 98%
>Spaghetti: 30%
>inventory: clothes, shirt(burnt), bat cowl, balloon pack (4), balloons (5), bits (10), ashes, stethoscope, brush (carrot top hair), empty bottle, knife, changeling garb, armor, changeling biology, Muffin, Ponynomicon, minecraft book, phoenix ashes, cocaine (1 gram), burn cream, Crystal Staff, ink ribbon (3), several marijuanas
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