Aw shit Nigga you's in Ponyville
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>sorry I'm late
When we'd last left our hero, he was unconcious in dreamland speaking to Luna about ghosts. Luna seems knowledgable of them, but their percise nature is still cloudy. She does believe, however, Ghosts that hold too much resentment and contempt in their heart may be where Windigos come from, and if yours isn't calmed, she may become one too.
Suddenly, you felt yourself waking up as the dream fades away, you asked Luna how you might communicate with it. Lun tells you ghosts are very emotional creatures, you need to think in terms of appealing to its emotions
>Health: yes%
>Stamina: zzz%
>Spaghetti: ~%
>STATUS: sleeping
>Inventory: karate chop action arms, shorts, legs of the fire dragon
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