Aw shit Nigga you's in Ponyville
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Last episode, Our Hero was approached by Lance runner, the Murderer of his alleged ghost pony, come to claim the amulet you'd discovered. He explained to you that the amulet is a key that would unlock the way to Ankh Aria's family fortune, and he's offered you a share, seeing as you returned the amulet to him.
>Health: 92%
>Stamina: 93%
>Spaghetti: 28%
>Inventory: Clothes, balloons (11), bits (15), ashes, stethoscope, brush (carrot top hair), water bottle (2), sandwich bag, bottle of pinkie sex fluids, knife, hat, armor, changeling biology, Ponynomicon, Minecraft book, burn cream, ink ribbon (2), four marijuanas, sapphire bits (11), mysterious key

>might be a short episode, guys, I'm on a NyQuil countdown
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