You live in a world filled with big mares and as a stallion it is your duty to test the fluffiness of each.
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2016-03-06 02:51:52 No. 26677843
Our grandmother passed down her skill of the mega boop, our grandmother is the main char of OSW that I forgot the name of

2016-03-06 03:28:19 No. 26678217

> You can't see any mares from here, so you assume that there can't be any taller than the walls of the keep, though considering the size of some of the buildings, you can assume that there might be some that are close.

> As you approach the gates, you notice that the largest building -- the one in the center of the keep -- has chains hanging from the top of it, and they lead upwards.

> Your eyes follow the chains and you see some floating chunks of rock, really high up in the sky. They appear to contain buildings of some sort on them.


> Sadly, they would not fit in your pack.


Anon plz.


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