You live in a world filled with big mares and as a stallion it is your duty to test the fluffiness of each.
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2016-03-06 04:32:08 No. 26679095
I am a cook, and I have been sent down here for reasons. I don't know, learning recipes and making food.

2016-03-06 04:32:16 No. 26679098
I was a line cook at my old job, figured I wanted a new start in a new city, so I came over here.

2016-03-06 04:51:38 No. 26679323

"I came down here in search of new recipes! I used to be a line cook at my old job, and I got sick of it. After I quit, I traveled around Equestria learning how to be a chef, and I've written down all of my recipes in cookbooks like this one!" You hold up the cookbook from your pack.

> "Neat!"

> You open the cookbook to the first page, which only has the writing: "Panini Pan's Cookbook - Volume 3 - Foreign Foods of Commodium" at the top.

"I've filled two other journals with recipes, one from Equestria, and one from Gryphonia. I hope to fill this one up here!"

> "That's really awesome, Panini! I knew a friend that wanted to be a chef, but she had to leave to go to another town. Life has been getting rough over here, with monster attacks getting more and more frequent. Military ponies get relocated a lot." She paused for a moment, smile faltering. "Well," She perks back up, "I wish you luck on your journey! You are certainly going to need it, considering some of the dishes we serve here."
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