You live in a world filled with big mares and as a stallion it is your duty to test the fluffiness of each.
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2016-03-12 11:48:14 No. 26733667
Wow, you are a touchy-feely little pegasus.

Give him the new guy special, massive mare.

2016-03-14 06:04:07 No. 26756574

> You spread your wings and fly, landing on her head.

> The lower half of your body sinks into her soft hair.

"I'm good! If I get jostled around any, your hair will provide enough cushion for me."

> Although, you can think of one other place what would be cushier... and comfier.

> You'll have to keep that in mind for later. Right now you are being lifted towards the heavens as Tender Quill stands up.

> "A-alright... if you're sure..."

> "So what brought you here? Not many ponies come to our little town."
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