You live in a world filled with big mares and as a stallion it is your duty to test the fluffiness of each.
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2016-03-16 05:23:56 No. 26774369
We will find plenty of ingredients for our cute mare friend and drum up some business with yummy fresh food.

2016-03-16 06:01:35 No. 26774720

> You enter the building cautiously, ready to leave at a moments notice should you not be here.

> You see three ponies in the darkness, two that you don't recognize, and Rose. You can barely make out her colors which she actually has now in the dim light streaming in from the doorway.

> "Hey Panini!"

"Hi! I heard you were going to head on a patrol, mind if I come with? I've been wanting to check out what kind of plants I might find around here."

> "Uh, s-sure? If you really want to. It's kinda dangerous out there."
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