You live in a world filled with big mares and as a stallion it is your duty to test the fluffiness of each.
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Welcome to Big Mares! This is a quest about a stallion names Panini trying to make his way in a country mainly populated by evolved mares!



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Starting Prompt:
> You are a colt, moving to a new country outside of Equestria.
> It is mostly populated by mares, due to fail safes in their people's evolution.
> The country has existed for as long as Equestria, if not possibly longer.
> Now, another thing you should be aware of about these mares' evolution.
> They tend to be much bigger than the average Equestrian mare, and they grow bigger depending on how much love they feel towards ponies.
> This happens because their home is much more dangerous than Equestria, being under almost constant attack by wildlife.
> They need to be bigger in order to protect their families and loved ones.
> Some are also just naturally larger.
> Unfortunately, this doesn't fair well for you, as they can also be a danger.
> You have to be careful no to be stepped or sat on by the larger ones, while being cautious of the wildlife.


> Where we left off, you were out on a patrol into the forest with Forest Rose, a mare that stands at a little over 3 times your height.
> You are just now approaching the Clearing.
> 11 for seduce (mainly for w/ lewd)
> 7 for don't seduce

> A plan begins to formulate in your head...
> How do you want to approach?
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