You live in a world filled with big mares and as a stallion it is your duty to test the fluffiness of each.
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2016-03-06 12:26:33 No. 26675872
Better name coming never Edition

Welcome /cyoag/ peoples and also random players, to the quest about mares! Large mares!

> You are a colt, moving to a new country outside of Equestria.
> It is mostly populated by mares, due to fail safes in their people's evolution.
> The country has existed for as long as Equestria, if not possibly longer.
> Now, another thing you should be aware of about these mares' evolution.
> They tend to be much bigger than the average Equestrian mare, and they grow bigger depending on how much love they feel towards ponies.
> This happens because their home is much more dangerous than Equestria, being under almost constant attack by wildlife.
> They need to be bigger in order to protect their families and loved ones.
> Some are also just naturally larger.
> Unfortunately, this doesn't fair well for you, as they can also be a danger.
> You have to be careful no to be stepped or sat on by the larger ones, while being cautious of the wildlife.
> We are approaching the destination. Before we land, we must find out who you are.

What is your appearance?
> Eye color
> Mane / Tail shape and color
> Coat color
> Race

2016-03-06 02:06:30 No. 26677259

> 5 votes for Panini Pans and 2 for Panini, against 4 for Silver Whisk.

> Your name is Panini Pans, though most ponies call you Panini.

> True to your name, you are a few inches smaller than most stallions, around the size of an average Equestrian mare.

> As you fly by and look down into the forest below, you see some deadly looking creatures. You hope that you never need to face them.

Select Difficulty Level:
> Really Easy (Little to no chance of death)
> Easy (You will get hurt, but will probably only die if you make dumb choices.)
> Normal (You will probably die if you don't play very well.)
> Hard (You will probably die a decent amount)

Permanent Death?
> Y / N

2016-03-06 02:24:21 No. 26677474

> Difficulty: NORMAL

> You are approaching your destination, Marenshire Keep. Time to do a bag check to make sure that you have everything.

> What items do you have? (Choose whatever, and I'll see what sounds like it could reasonably fit in a backpack.)

I'm actually not planning on having an actual combat system in this. If when there is any combat, it will be very story-driven.

2016-03-06 02:29:27 No. 26677551
I'll be getting back to it, just once I stop procrastinating and actually get off my ass.

After I get this CYOA launched, I'll be doing a thing where whenever I need to start a new thread, I'll ask /cyoag/ which one they want to play. If OSW gets votes then I'll do that.

2016-03-06 02:49:33 No. 26677806

> You have the 25 bits left over from paying for the trip, as well as:
> Your Trusty Frying Pan. Couldn't leave home without this thing
> A box of spices
> Two bottles of tequila. You couldn't fit more than that in your pack.
> And your Chef's apron, which reads "Will Cook for Food"

> Is there anything else you would like to inquire about before we begin our adventure into the unknown?

Starting up Horse Quest in a bit, so these updates will probably slow down considerably.

2016-03-06 03:28:19 No. 26678217

> You can't see any mares from here, so you assume that there can't be any taller than the walls of the keep, though considering the size of some of the buildings, you can assume that there might be some that are close.

> As you approach the gates, you notice that the largest building -- the one in the center of the keep -- has chains hanging from the top of it, and they lead upwards.

> Your eyes follow the chains and you see some floating chunks of rock, really high up in the sky. They appear to contain buildings of some sort on them.


> Sadly, they would not fit in your pack.


Anon plz.


You can't tell me what to do! You're not my dad! [/sarcasm]
It's only for today, don't worry.

2016-03-06 03:56:33 No. 26678580

> Oh, and how could you forget?

> In the safest place in your pack, you have your cookbook stored!

> So safe even the QM didn't know where it was!

> You look back up at the floating rocks. You don't know if they are small, or just that far away and really huge.

> Either way, they are way to far away to fly on an empty stomach!

> The carriage lands, and you hop out. The carriage promptly takes off without saying a word, and you are left alone outside the gates.

> Next to the forest.

> Where the big scary things are.

> You quickly run up to the gate, and are pleased to find that it appears to be in a shape akin to a metal fence. A really big metal fence.

> You easily slip through the gate, and call out.

"Hey! Anypony here? Am I not supposed to go through the gate?"

> You look around, and see a sign that reads:

> "Visitors welcome! Don't mind the gate, it's just for keeping the forest creatures out!"

> Well that's good to know.

> You look down the street ahead of you and see two mares, probably around a head taller than you trotting down it. One of them stops to wave at you.

> "Hi! I heard something about a visitor coming sometime soon, could you, by chance, be them?"

2016-03-06 04:29:52 No. 26679071

> You trot up to the mare, and attempt to give her the greeting of your people-- a boop.

> Sadly, you overestimated the shortness of your legs.

> You try to pass it off as a wave, but the damage is already done as she chuckles to herself.

"U-uh, yeah! My name's Panini! What's yours?"

> "I'm Flowerbed, though most ponies just call me Flower."

> "We don't get colts around here often. Hay, we don't get many visitors at all. What's your story?"

2016-03-06 04:51:38 No. 26679323

"I came down here in search of new recipes! I used to be a line cook at my old job, and I got sick of it. After I quit, I traveled around Equestria learning how to be a chef, and I've written down all of my recipes in cookbooks like this one!" You hold up the cookbook from your pack.

> "Neat!"

> You open the cookbook to the first page, which only has the writing: "Panini Pan's Cookbook - Volume 3 - Foreign Foods of Commodium" at the top.

"I've filled two other journals with recipes, one from Equestria, and one from Gryphonia. I hope to fill this one up here!"

> "That's really awesome, Panini! I knew a friend that wanted to be a chef, but she had to leave to go to another town. Life has been getting rough over here, with monster attacks getting more and more frequent. Military ponies get relocated a lot." She paused for a moment, smile faltering. "Well," She perks back up, "I wish you luck on your journey! You are certainly going to need it, considering some of the dishes we serve here."

2016-03-06 06:04:13 No. 26680173

"I'm sure I can handle it! I was able to serve fish and meat dishes for Griffons despite being incapable of accurately tasting it!"

> "Okay... If you're sure. There are some smaller cafe's a little ways from here. I'll draw out some directions. Do you have a map?"

"I'm afraid I don't"

> "I don't have one on me right now, but I'll see if I can find you one sometime. Anyways," She gives you a crudely drawn doodle of the locations of the restaurants, "That's where some food places are."

> "Anyways, I have to head home to tend to my garden. It was nice to meet you!"

2016-03-06 06:36:15 No. 26680548

"Alright, I'll see you soon."

> You give her a farewell hug, or at least you try your best to.

> She's startled by the hug at first, but after a few moments she eases into it, even beginning to move one of her forehooves to hug you back.

> She realizes what she is doing and stops, breaking the hug.

> "Look, I'm sorry, but I really have to go. I'll see you soon!"

Flowerbed's Affection Level: 1

2016-03-06 08:56:37 No. 26682006

Funny, I was just getting to that.


> You both part ways, and you head to the restaurant to the west of you.

> Upon walking in, you see a large mare at the side of the room eating some sort of kebab, and two other mares chatting, both at least twice your size.

> You don't see any tables, which strikes you as kinda odd.

> There is a rather... small... mare in the back. Compared to the other mares, at least. She appears to be around your size, if not smaller. It looks like she works here.

And that will be it for tonight! I will see you all on Tuesday at 5 pm PST!

2016-03-08 06:25:18 No. 26699312

> You trot up to the small mare. You assumption was correct, the mare is around two or three inches shorter than you, which is quite a feat. Most mares back home were as tall as you, if not taller.

> "What can I get you?" She asks, not even looking up.

"Uh, I'm new here, can I get a menu?"

> She looks up and her eyes dilate as she takes a step back. Clearly, she is startled to be in such close proximity to a colt.

> "U-u-uh... Yeahi'llberightbackwiththatbye!" She stutters, as she bolts of into the kitchen.


Also, how do you guys feel about changing Panini's coat color to white? Not quite sure I like the blue-on-blue.

2016-03-08 06:42:39 No. 26699474

> She returns within seconds with a menu in her teeth.

> "Hrmph Yrr Gmph!" She mumbles through her clenched maw.

"What was that?"

> She sets the menu down, a nervous expression on her face. "Here you go!"

> The menu reads:

Little Mare Eatery

Main Dishes:

> Fluffberry Kebab
> Golden Bloom Salad (bread bowl)
> Gravine Wrap
> Hera Soup (bread bowl)


> Golden Bloom Tea
> Water

2016-03-08 07:53:56 No. 26700062

"Little Mare Eatery?"

> "Yup! Smallest Restaurant in town!"

"Huh. I'm guessing if these are the smaller mares, then larger mares must be huge!"

> "You really haven't been here long, have you?"

"Nope! Anyways, I'll get the Golden Bloom Salad and Tea."

> "Okay! Can I get a name for that?"

"Panini. Also, how big should I expect the food to be?"

> "In general, probably a bit bigger than most dishes in Equestria, but most restaurants make it depending on the size of the customer. One benefit of being really small is all your food is really cheap!"

> "Well, I'm gonna go get that cooked up for ya! Feel free to chat with the local mares, I know for a fact that big 'ol Fluffy over there is easy to get along with."

> She begins to trot off, but realizes what she said and returns.

> "Just to clarify, Fluffy is not actually her name. Her name is Forest Rose."

2016-03-08 08:47:23 No. 26700541

> You thank the mare and turn to 'Fluffy'.

> She is just finishing off the last of her kebab... and she does look kinda cute...

> Before you know her you are making you way over to her. She waves at you.

> "Hi!"

> You flap your wings to give you a boost, and you hug her chest. You don't know if this is where she got her nickname, but she certainly is fluffy.

> Her wings shoot out in surprise and she blushes.


> "U-uh, what's your name? I don't think I've seen you around here." She says, as a kind smile creeps up her lips.

"I'm Panini! You?" You ask, despite already knowing the answer.

> "I'm Forest. You from around here?" She embraces you lightly with her hoof, trying her best to return the hug without hurting you, as if you were the most fragile thing in the room.

"Nope! I'm from Equestria. Just got here today, in fact."

> "Oh! That's neat!" Her wings have returned to her sides and she is a lot more relaxed as she talks back to you. You feel her hoof embracing you into her chest. You could almost fall asleep here, it's so comfy.

Forest Rose Affection Level: 1

2016-03-08 09:13:07 No. 26700796

"You're really soft."

> She blushes again. "R-really?"

Forest Rose Affection Level: 2

Just FYI, affection goes up quickly at first, but it does slow down as you they get more.

> Well, now that you think about it...

> You did see some really big houses, and you can only guess how big the mares inside would be, considering the houses you've seen so far.

> When you saw Flowerbed's house, It looked like she would reach about halfway to the ceiling, and most houses you've seen so far, bar the 'town hall', appear to be single story.

> So... some simple calculations... and...

> Oh. That would be a big mare.

> At likely around 10 times your height.

> You are beginning to be worried about the size of the mares in larger cities.

Sorry about the short and sporadic session today. It will likely even out soon. I'll see you all tomorrow at 3 pm for Horse Quest, and Thursday at 5 pm for this!

2016-03-09 04:20:09 No. 26707737

"So, how did you get this big?"

> "I'm honestly not that big, but I appreciate the complement. I'm usually a bit of a recluse, but I do have a couple friends. Usually a friend or two is all somepony needs to grow this big."

"Really? The smaller ponies that I've met so far seemed pretty friendly."

> "Yeah, some are also just naturally smaller. It takes more for them to grow. Also, if they don't really have that good of a self image, they tend to be smaller. Hard to love other ponies if you can't love yourself, right?"

"Yeah, I suppose that makes sense."

> You hear the mare from before call out. "Hey, Panini! Food's up!"

"I'll be right back."

> You bid a sad farewell to Forest's fluff, and trot over to the food. It contained in what would be considered a large loaf of bread back home, and there is a large, cooked, flower in the middle of it. Underneath the flower is appears to be the stem of the plant in a tangled, spaghetti-like mess. It also appears to be cooked.

"That was fast. Doesn't it take a while to cook?"

> "Glad you asked that! The Golden Bloom is a very interesting plant, as it takes energy from the sun and stores it during the spring and summer, and releases it during the winter, keeping the area around it warm."

> "This makes it an interesting dish to serve, because when it is severed from it's roots, then it releases all of it's energy in a matter of seconds. It's dangerous to cut a larger flower from it's roots if it has too much energy built up, however, as it would practically act as a bomb."

"Interesting. I'm guessing you have to grow it here, and serve it fresh?"

> "Yup! Some of the larger restaurants store them in special containers, akin to refrigerators, that slow the process. This allows them to use bigger flowers without them exploding, and also store them for longer periods of time."

2016-03-09 04:53:13 No. 26708022

> You append the Golden Bloom to your cookbook.

"Thanks! I'm from Equestria, and I'm trying to learn about the food of the region."

> "Oh, that's cool! Wish I could help out, but I', a bit busy running the restaurant. I might be able to teach you how I make these dishes later, though!"

> "Anyways, chef or not, you still need to pay for your food. That will be 50 tickets."


> "Right, you probably are used to using bits. Because carrying around massive amounts of gold isn't very conventional for bigger mares, we use these things called 'tickets'. Basically, your tickets are stored on an enchanted slip of paper. It's kinda if the paper money that the Saddle Arabians used to use, but all held on one slip of paper."

"Huh. Where can I get one?"

> "You can probably ask for one at the Bridge."

"Bridge? Is that the big building in the center of town?"

> "Yup! They will give you one for no charge. Us Commodians generally like our tourists to be able to pay for stuff, so we also give you a start of 150 tickets!"

"Alright, well, I'll make sure to get one soon. Can I pay with bits for now?"

> "Oh, of course. Bit's still work just fine for the little ponies, and we can just transfer them into tickets. Ten bits, please."

-10 Bits

Bits: 15

2016-03-09 05:58:48 No. 26708675

> You return to Forest Rose, carrying the bread bowl on your back, wings spread, and the mug in your mouth.

> You set the food down on the floor next to Rose.

"So, what do you do for a living?"

> "Well, like most other smaller ponies, I do a lot of gardening. I tend to get most of my money from excursions into the forest, though."

> "The forest is dangerous, but there are a lot of things that you can get out there that you simply just can't make on your own."

"Like plants?"

> "Plants, yeah, but there is so much more! You've seen the floating rocks, right?" You nod. "Those are made of a special ore called Gravite. It reverses the gravity of everything that is in immediate contact with it. You can only find it in caves out in the forest."


> You take a bite out of your food. It tastes crunchy. It's as if a tasty flower back home had the consistency of a chip, but its all nice and warm, even the slightest bit of spicy.

> "How's the food?"

"Good! It's certainly nothing like any food back home, that's for sure."

> Anyways, you should probably go to the Bridge soon. Anything else you want to talk about before you finish eating and leave?

2016-03-09 07:14:27 No. 26709326

> You finish of the food. The curled up stem of the Golden Bloom tasted similar to the flower part, but it's texture was a little more squishy.

> The tea tasted like normal, but almost... sweet? It's difficult to place the taste of it.

"Hey, Forest? I gotta go get my bits swapped out for tickets. I'll see you around!"

> "Yup! You too! If you can't find me, I usually eat here pretty often."

"Alright! Bye!"

> You give her a little hug on the leg, and trot over to the window into the kitchen. The mare isn't there at the moment, so you presume she is in the kitchen.

"Hey! The food was really good! Thanks for making it!" You shout into the kitchen.

> You hear a yelp and some pans falling to the ground. After a few moments, you hear her call back in a embarrassed tone. "N-no problem!"

> You leave to go to the Bridge.

> Trotting in, you see that the room is really tall and mostly empty, save for the very large mare currently sitting at a desk.

> There are some doorways leading out to other areas.

> Needless to say, the huge mare was around the size you had predicted earlier.

2016-03-09 08:23:50 No. 26709819
> You shout up to the mare.
"Hey! Could I get a ticket card thing? I'm new here and I only have bits!"
> It doesn't appear that she heard you.
> You are going to need to get closer.

2016-03-11 06:45:17 No. 26727711

> You spread your wings and propel yourself forward, nuzzling up against her rump.

> It doesn't give much resistance, it's fur splaying out, tickling you lightly.

> "Hm?" Her head snaps up from her book, blush spreading across her cheeks. You nuzzle into her hindquarters, and she squeaks.

> "You're really cute! What's your name, Little Pegasus?" She asks in a quiet tone. Even at what you assume is around half of her normal speaking volume, her cheery, soft, voice echoes through your head.

2016-03-11 09:27:08 No. 26729100

> You snuggle up against her squishy rump, causing her blush to spread further.

"I'm Panini!"

> "Hi Panini! What do you need?:

"I came here to get a ticket card. I just arrived here from Equestria, but that can wait. I'm comfy here."

> "U-uh... I'll get that written up for you."

> You snuggle up into the soft, squishy mass of fur. "Uh, Panini? I'm going to need to move to the other room to get that for you. You are welcome to come with, but if you want to get off, then it would probably be safer."

'B-but... it's so comfy here!' You think to yourself, trying to find an excuse to stay in the warm bed of butt.

"Are you saying it would be unsafe for me to stay with you?"

> "No... not really... It's just... I don't want to hurt you."

"I have wings. If I fall, I can stop myself."

"By the way, what's your name? I didn't catch it."

> "Oh! Sorry! I'm Tender Quill! I run most of the event planning around here."

> "Anyways, If you want to get off, you'd want to now."

2016-03-13 02:51:50 No. 26744820
Okay, really sorry, but 50-60 mph winds appear to be causing power to fluctuate. I'll see if I can run later if it evens out and I still have power, but I don't my computer to get fried.

2016-03-14 06:04:07 No. 26756574

> You spread your wings and fly, landing on her head.

> The lower half of your body sinks into her soft hair.

"I'm good! If I get jostled around any, your hair will provide enough cushion for me."

> Although, you can think of one other place what would be cushier... and comfier.

> You'll have to keep that in mind for later. Right now you are being lifted towards the heavens as Tender Quill stands up.

> "A-alright... if you're sure..."

> "So what brought you here? Not many ponies come to our little town."

2016-03-14 06:31:19 No. 26756890

"I'm a cook! I've been learning about many foreign foods, and I though here would be a nice place to go!"

> "Well, sorry to inform you, but you chose pretty much the worst town for food."

> "The food we have here is essentially our equivalent to your Hayburgers. If you want to find some really interesting food, you'll have to look in some other towns."

"Do you know where a good one might be?"

> "I'd have to say Marenshire. Right now, we are in Marenshire Keep, which is basically just an output town near the forest. Marenshire is the capital of this region of Commodium, with a castle and all. Anything you would be able to find all over this region, you can find there."

"I might have to visit there sometime. Also, just thought I would point out, your mane smells kinda like rice."

> "Rice? Is that another Equestrian crop?"

"U-uh, yeah. I might see if I can get you it sometime."

2016-03-14 08:01:30 No. 26757976

> You arrive in a large room full of shelves that could be the size of the Ponyville Town Hall.

> She opens one of the drawers and pulls out a card-like thing. It looks tiny at a distance, but as she moves it closer to you with her magic, it appears to be the size of a sheet of paper.

> "Here you go! I'll get your bits transferred into it, and you'll all good to go in your future careers here!"


+220 Tickets
-15 Bits


2016-03-14 08:05:54 No. 26758024

> You fly down from her head and land on the ground. The dark room towers above you, only lit by a small window near the top. It seemed a lot closer when you were really high up, but now that you are on the ground, everything seems much bigger and scarier.

> You stuff the ticket card into your backpack. Your backpack is now full. Either empty stuff out of it, or get a bigger backpack if you wish to store more in it.

Tender Quill Affection Level: 1

> What will you do now?

2016-03-16 03:54:38 No. 26773486

> You decide to head back to the 'Little Mare Eatery', after thanking Tender Quill for her assistance, as you are likely to find the little mare and Rose there.

> You want to ask if you could get any work there, or maybe talk to Rose about going out into the forest sometime.

> You arrive at the restaurant.

> It's around 3 o' clock in the afternoon, so nopony is around, other than the mare who runs the place.

And the top down maps make a return, because I'm too lazy to draw out the same room every time you walk in.

2016-03-16 04:35:09 No. 26773840

> "Hi Panini! Back already? How was your trip to the Bridge?"

"Good. Didn't get squished, so that's a plus."

> She chuckles. "You really don't have to worry about that too much. In addition to evolving with the size changing trait, we also have much lighter bones and softer flesh. This is both to keep us from getting to injured if we get stepped on, and to keep us from injuring others too much. Also, it makes us great cuddlers, as you found out with Rose."

"Speaking of which, where is she?"

> "She's probably getting ready to start her shift for a patrol."

"Into the forest?"

> "Yup. So, since you probably aren't here for food, what brought you here?"

"Oh, well... you see... I really need a job, and you are really the only place that I know I could get one."

> "Well, I'm not actively hiring right now, but... I could use a pair of hooves in the kitchen. I wouldn't be able to pay much, but if you also need housing, you could probably hang out upstairs until you get something more permanent."

"This place has an upstairs?"

> "Not officially, but me being my size allows me to make my way into really small areas. I made an attic style bedroom for myself in the space between the kitchen and the roof. It's small, compared to most rooms here, but it beats getting another house or sleeping in some stranger's house."

2016-03-16 05:02:43 No. 26774125

"That's pretty smart! Well, I'll probably be back to catch the dinner crowd. I still want to talk to Rose and have a gander around town. Do you know where she is?"

> "She should be over at the Barracks over by the north-west tower of the keep."

"You need me for anything else before I go, or am I good?"

> "You're good. Feel free to drop by anytime to work or sleep. I'll pay you at the end of each day depending on how much you've worked."

"Sweet, thanks. Oh! I almost forgot! I never caught your name!"

> "Oh, sorry! I'm Sunbeam! I'll see you around then, Panini!"

> You know the general direction the barracks are in. Do you want to go there, or check out some of the town beforehand?

Green spots on the map are "friendly" locations. AKA, you can pretty much walk in and somepony there should know you. Red stars / spots are waypoints.

2016-03-16 05:22:57 No. 26774354

> You bid Sunbeam farewell, sadly unable to give her a hug, as she was behind the counter, and trot over to where you think the barracks are

> You pass by a few houses and you also see what appears to be a park directly north of the Bridge.

> Ahead of you lies a very tall building, that is directly up against the corner of the wall, with the northwest tower... towering behind it.

> It looks somewhat menacing, but what military building wouldn't?


Anon no, that's bad. Save it for Panini's Cookbook, Volume 4

Also holy shit that perspective

2016-03-16 06:01:35 No. 26774720

> You enter the building cautiously, ready to leave at a moments notice should you not be here.

> You see three ponies in the darkness, two that you don't recognize, and Rose. You can barely make out her colors which she actually has now in the dim light streaming in from the doorway.

> "Hey Panini!"

"Hi! I heard you were going to head on a patrol, mind if I come with? I've been wanting to check out what kind of plants I might find around here."

> "Uh, s-sure? If you really want to. It's kinda dangerous out there."

2016-03-16 06:29:14 No. 26774958

"It couldn't be that bad. After all, I do have a big, strong mare to protect me."

> "U-uh." She blushes. "I-I suppose..." Her eyes shift around, seeing the other ponies. "Are you sure I can't talk you out of this? It really isn't safe out in the forest for Equestrians, especially ones that aren't trained in combat, should the need arise."

Affection: 3

"I'm sure I'll be fine. You don't normally encounter monsters on your patrols, do you?"

> "W-well, not normally, but there is the ch-"

"Then it doesn't matter. Plus, should a big scary monster pop out, I can always hide in your mane. It's beautiful and perfect for me, just like the rest of you."

> "Um." Her blush increases further. "Can we save this for later? I really appreciate it, but we are in public, with my co-workers no less."

Affection: 4

> Wait, wasn't that armor big on her just a few moments ago?

2016-03-16 06:43:44 No. 26775081

"Alright. Are we ready to go?"

> "Yup, I just need to go grab my weapon."

"Your weapon?"

> She trots off towards a chest labeled "Rose" in the dark corner of the room, and pulls out what appears to be some sort of cross between a Sword and a Lance.

> "We call it a Guillotine. Deadly from most angles of attack, it's really good at taking down the little guys that we tend to encounter." Rose looks to you for affirmation as she nerds out over the weapon. At least she's enjoying herself.

> You can definitely agree that it looks very sharp and deadly. Also it's about twice your size.

"L-little guys?"

> "Hey, you're the one who wanted to come with. You can still back out now if you want."

I'll be back in a bit. I need to go eat something.

2016-03-16 07:38:36 No. 26775545

"N-no, it's okay." You gulp.

> "Okay... if you say so," She replies, slinging her Guillotine into it's sheath in across her back.

> "We are going to be going anywhere to dangerous today, anyways. Just a round trip around the area of the Clearing to the south-east. We can even relax there for a little while." She smiles, "You should be glad you caught me on the day that I was able to talk one of my co-workers out of an easy job."

"Does anything normally happen in the clearing area?"

> "Rarely. Most monsters usually stay away from the clearing. The monsters that live in that area generally dislike sunlight, or any light in general. We probably will run into some very little guys, but they aren't anything to be worried about. Hay, you could probably take one down with general ease if somepony gave you a weapon."

2016-03-16 07:56:55 No. 26775692

"Speaking of which, do you have anything that I could arm myself with, should the need arise?"

> "The Barracks don't allow us to give official weapons to non-citizens, but I could lend you my old wing-blades. I have them here, and they were bought, so they aren't owned by the Guard." She holds them up to you. "Although, it appears as if they might be a bit big on you."

"Ah well, I might be able to find something to use them for later. I still have my frying pan, too."

> "How would a frying pan help?"

"They are surprisingly painful. I've never actually used it to cause harm to anything, but I know that I have actually dropped it on myself on many occasions."

> "Alright, well, you ready to go?"

2016-03-16 08:12:29 No. 26775823

"Yup! Let's go!"

> Equipped with your frying pan and your mare, you go out into the world!

> And twenty minutes of boring walking later, you are much less excited.

"So, when are we going to come across some new plants? All I've seen so far are vines.

> "Well, I mean, we are kind of in the vine-y section of the forest. If you wanted to see anything else you would have to go more east or west."

"Still, we should have found something interesting by--"

> You both turn a corner and you see a small little crevasse with a glowing blue ore lining the sides. There are green vines floating absent-mindlessly around.

Don't worry these aren't tentacles. Those are a completely different variant of these vines.

Gravvine has been added to your book!

> "Still too boring for you?"

"No I'm good thanks." You say, scribbling down notes into your book.

> "Well, if you have any questions about them, feel free, but try to make them quick. We are almost to the clearing."
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