The travels of a overenthusiastic dumbass bard who plays a mean harmonica.
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2016-03-19 01:58:33 No. 26800575
>The sun is setting down on the Grazing Hills
>Finally, you’ve reached Malba
>From Mount Ponlympus, you’ve decided to travel to the Minotaur Realm
>And you’re planning on reaching Daedalus, the capital
>There, with a little luck, you might be able to hear more of the minotaur musical culture
>Until now, you’ve only had drinking songs to add to you repertory, and those are in no short supply no matter the place
>You were a little scared the minotaurs wouldn’t really like your style at first, but you found out they’re really enthusiastic about new things
>They’re a little… loud, but so far all those you’ve met on the road were all very nice folks
>You’ve also managed not to travel with an empty belly out of your music alone!
>There’s even enough in your pockets to pay for a nice dinner and a chamber for tonight
>And that’s a damn good thing, because you’ve spent the whole day walking and your legs are killing you
>You push the door of the only tavern of Malba, eager to finally get some calm and rest…
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