Unicorns are supposed to be smart. You bought a unicorn off of a two bit mage that's dumb as a brick. Is that all there is to her?
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!/v1T0VAyzI 2017-02-04 07:02:55 No. 29408144
I'm the anon from before who was thinking about starting another CYOA. Constructive criticism welcome, I guess.

>You are Anon.
>You're a pretty decent black mage, if you do say so yourself.
>Which you'd have to .
>...You have no friends.
>Which is part of the reason you're in the city ofAdeakin.
>You need to carry all of your gear, which is starting to get you hurt.
>Yeah, one or two furs, a book or two, and your food are pretty light.
>But you need thirteen or fourteen furs for a decent profit and they're starting to slow you down.
>So you're here to buy a pack horse.
>You don't have very much money, but you saved a lot by getting a cheap room at the inn.
>By cheap room you mean a horse stall for ten gold.
>Normally a room would cost you fifty gold, but the innkeeper felt bad they were out of rooms.
>Something about officials coming from Adraych and a festival to celebrate?
>He certainly didn't pity you enough to let you sleep in the stall for free...
>At the moment you're walking through the market, realizing two things.
>Firstly, not a lot of people sell horses.
>Secondly, those that do charge a lot of gold.
>The first place you checked had a minimum price of over a thousand for just a horse.
>The second place didn't have set prices but asked how much you had to spend.
>He laughed at you when you said you had 860 gold.
>So now you're wandering the streets, looking for lunch.
>"Hey! You! The black mage!"
>Not seeing anyone else dressed in blue robes and huge hat, you figure he's trying to get your attention.
>Turning your head, you see a greasy looking man in the characteristic robes of a black mage, without any hat.
>You remain silent as he runs up to you, panting from the exertion.
>Straightening his robes, he begins to speak
>"A friend of mine said you were in the market for a pack horse?"
"Yeah. Your friends' prices are a little high for me though."
>"Don't worry about that, how about a pack pony?"
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