You are a big mare and your job is to protect all the little pones.
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>You open your mouth to say something, and the first thing that comes is a cold cough.
>"Where the hell is that towel!?" The voice barks. Touching your body with your hooves, you confirm that you're completely drenched. As you manage to open your eyes a bit, you feel a bundle of warm cloth descend on you.
"Where... where am I?" You ask, finally giving your voice some exercise. "And why am I all wet and stuff?"
>"Easy, girl. Open your eyes a bit more, okay?" The voice beckons you. Once they get used to the light, you look straight forward and see a stallion, a unicorn, brown coat and mane a pure mess. "Can you see me?"
"Who are you?"
>"I'll get right to that, but first lemme ask you a question. Do you remember things like foals playing in the park and huge monsters invading cities?"
"Huh?" You're confused for a second. Just a moment ago, you were ...! "Yeah!"
>"Well, let me tell you" the stallion comes closer. Something seems off about him right now... "Those weren't your memories. Matter of fact, you've just been born!"
"I... excuse me?" Now you're about to get a headache. Your eyes are adjusting to the light, allowing you to look around you, and notice just what is going on. "W-Whoa!"
>You stand in a large, mostly empty room, dimly lit, every wall around you covered in walkways. From those, dozens of ponies look at you from the shadows. And their size doesn't match yours at all. Just like that of the stallion.
>You take a good look at your body. You're huge! And the towel too! At least, compared to them.
"What's wrong with me!?" You look around, trying to find an answer.
>"Relax, there's nothing wrong with you!" The brown unicorn motions with his hooves. "You're a very large lady, and you were just born out of that vat" he points at a crystal tube behind you, with a section open. "Congratulations!" He stands there, with his forelegs open, as if he expected a hug, or at least a sign that you're not faint in the spot.
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