You are a big mare and your job is to protect all the little pones.
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A new and exciting CYOA!

>Still images flash across your mind at dazzling speed. Images of what could be your childhood, your upbringing and every day until you became an adult. Fillies and colts playing in nature, long nights of study, moments that made you cry with joy and moments where your heart sunk... For some reason, no matter how hard you try, you can't seem to find your own body in these memories.
>However, a set of images seems to reappear more often than others: a number of ponies enjoying a warm day out in the park, when suddenly, an abomination the size of a skyscraper breaks through the lines of the city, leaving a trail of devastation on its wake and heading straight for the defenseless citizens.
>Before you have time to scream, or react, another large creature shows up: it's a mare, her size no less imposing than that of the monster, leaping straight out of nowhere and in front of the bastard. With ready hooves, she launches a flurry of kicks to fend it back, causing a wave of relieved sighs and cheers from the safe ponies.
>And, just when things get interesting, everything fades to black. Your mind, desperately trying to pick up the pieces, seems to reboot and take note of the current situation. You can feel your body again, and in the center of darkness, you take a plunge.
>Loud alarms and cold air wake you up. Trying to open your eyes, you find the lights disgusting, and close them back. Around you, an unnerving amount of voices yells here and there, seemingly talking of fetching you a... towel? To be honest, you feel like you're completely soaked.
>A voice, definitely aimed at you, grabs your attention.
>"Hey! Are you alright? Say something, love! Damn, I hope we didn't make a mess..."
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