You are the captain of an exploratory group sent out by the crown to discover new lands and report back on them. Where will your adventures take you?
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You are Princess Celestia, High Queen of Equestria, Master of Arts Profound and Subtle, and Supreme Master of All Paperwork. Between all your titles, though, the last one is probably the most important. Balancing the budget is not fun, but it is in itself the gateway to more enjoyable and important activities. Right now, you’re observing a fiesty little project you managed to save from the icy grip of the cutting room floor: The East Ocean Exploration Company. Originally intended to be a massive fleet of ships to scope out and look for profit and friendship in the east ocean, a recent kerfuffle with an Elder Dragon and the subsequent razings has cut the slack in the budget this year and the fleet was intended to go with it.

Instead, you have found it a small nugget of discretionary funds. Ponies should know more about the world that they live in, after all. After mulling over the problem for a while, you finally decide that you should start by hoof-selecting three officers to lead it. A captain, an engineer, and a navigator. From there, you can decide other details about the voyage. But you’d best start with the captain.

The Captain will be your primary character. You may switch to the other crewmembers at different points, but for the vast majority of the CYOA you will be playing as the Captain.

There are five distinct pony races, each of whom have strengths and weaknesses.
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