Save Twilight, romance Celestia, save the world.
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Quick Synopsis:
You're Anon, who was very abruptly thrown into the middle of a fight between Celestia and a small group of unicorns. After making it out by the skin of your teeth, she brings you to her camp and explains the situation: Twilight has been captured by a group of revolutionaries, the same group that just tried to kill you both. You meet Rarity, Rainbow, Pinkie and Fluttershy, as well as Luna. After the chat, Luna takes you to a doctor.

"So, what is giving you trouble?"

The doctor, a unicorn, speaks plainly and clearly. You half expected him to mumble or stutter like the guard you first met, but it seems like this pony has seen much more shocking things than an alien like you.

"It's my elbow." You hold it up to show him but the pain flares up again and you pull it back down. "Landed on it pretty rough."

"Hmmm." He grabs your arm with magic and moves it in a few different directions, noting a few things mentally and watching your reaction. After that, he uses a different spell on your elbow, though you're not quite sure what it does. Scribbling some things down, he releases your arm back to you.

"Nothing broken, just a pretty bad bruising. Don't use that arm for a day or so and it will heal up. I know some magic that would fix such an injury on ponies, but as you're not a pony, I'd rather not risk it. Here," he says, floating a sling over your neck, "that should make it a bit more comfortable."

Curt and to the point. You can respect that.

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