Rarity must deliver a package to make Hearts Warming Eve to make the day a little more special for a poor pony.
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"See you!" Sweetie Shouts from the front door, "Call me if anything happens and have fun, okay?"
"And you at the concert," I finish brushing my mane and check myself out in the mirror, adding a wink for good measure, "Don't let your rabid fans reach you!"
"Haha, very funny" The door closes.
I leave the brush on the table and walk downstairs, making a cursory pass of the Boutique's living area. Turn off the lights... Done. Twilight's parents' address... 328 of the 97 street. Keys... forgot them in the living room.
I grab them from the doorside table and see a small package where the pile that the courier was supposed to send today was. I read its label to confirm that yes, it was one of the packages he had to deliver.
At times I feel like Hearts Warming Eve gives everyone in the world a certain degree of incompetence, I think as I walk to the front door. I am slightly late to the party already...
...but not delivering the package could mean that someone could be left without a gift today of all days.
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