You wake up one day in the middle of a seemingly endless ocean
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The sound of waves awakes the pony, who slides off bed to gaze outside from the window.
The pony grumbles for a moment before turning on the lights and opening the second floor's door to have a better look.
Yep, this definitely isn't the pony's neighborhood.
"This is bad."
"Why?" Asks the forget-me-not bird on the roof. "It's a lovely night to float around."
"Because I have to return a book to the library." The pony looks down. "And someone stole my balcony. Again."
"Better get going!"
"I'll go for the telescope, and search for the sails." Says the pony after a moment.
"Pony!" Caws the bird.
"What now?" Asks the pony from inside.
"What is your name?"
"Well, I am--"
"What is your race?" Insists the bird.
"My race?"
"In case you haven't noticed," Says the bird slowly, "There's a roof between us."
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