You wake up one day in the middle of a seemingly endless ocean
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"I am Lettuce Leaf. A pegasus."
"Nice to meet you, Cabbage. May I ask a favor of you?"
"What is it?"
"If you could raise the ceiling just a little..."
"No can do, sorry." You trot to the basement and rummage around until you find your old sails and telescope.
After a few hours of fumbling with rope and the sails, the house is made into a serviceable boat.
"How is lettuce related to that?" Asks the bird, perched on your rump and looking at your your cutie mark.
"I learned here and there." You shrug, lifting the telescope.
To the north, what seems to be a dragon bathes calmly. After a moment it turns its head to you, eyes alight, and closes its eyes again with a shrug. There's something resting in its belly, but you can't see from this distance.
To the south, there's what seems to be a floating shack. There isn't any light coming from it.
To the west, a boat without sails moves lazily.
Where do you want to go?
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