You are a feminine colt on the run from an abusive history. Can you survive in the world with hunters at your back?
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2015-09-30 08:07:30 No. 24896194
We can't win either way.

Forest means wild animals
City means stranger danger

so....I guess forest? atleast you'll only be eaten.

2015-09-30 08:11:46 No. 24896263
with our high perception, we should be able hear, see, or smell anything coming
and our average dexterity can help us try to be sneaky

2015-09-30 08:13:15 No. 24896283
Plus our green colouration will keep us camouflaged in the forest. Emerald is going innawoods to be the next snake eater.

2015-09-30 08:22:42 No. 24896443

Emerald Jewel has his mom's pendant. His REAL mom's pendant. Emerald never knew too much about her though...

The ring on the other hand, is his stepmom's. A punishment from when Emerald got a little too excited during one of his step parent's... sessions. Emerald has tried removing it before, but it doesn't seem to want to come off.

Just looking at it makes Emerald Jewel feel shameful things.

>Frustration increases from 60 to 65!
>Watch out, when frustration reaches too high, Emerald will need to find a way to release it, and may do things he may regret later!


NORTH it is!


I've been found! To be fair, I didn't pick the girly colt this time, that was you guys.
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