You are a feminine colt on the run from an abusive history. Can you survive in the world with hunters at your back?
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>Emerald decides to head to the cave with the pheromone mushrooms in it at the request of Joyride.
>They travel to the cave.
>Inside the cave Emerald finds some dogtags from a pony named "Cherry Chiffon".
>Emerald and Joyride find the mushroom, as well as a passed out predator known as a Jackknife bird.
>Joyride gathers the materials as Emerald keeps watch.
>A slime approaches and "threatens" them.
>The slime is revealed to be a navy slime, a creature that survives on semen.
>Emerald manages to distract the creature long enough for Joyride to collect all the mushrooms. She freezes the slime and the pair leave.
>After some discussion, Emerald decides he wants to go west, using Joyride's desire for Giant Jungle Wasp Royal Jelly as an excuse.
>Emerald offers to help prepare for the journey, so Joyride gives him a list of items to buy and some bits.
>Some of the items can only be bought at a shadier dealership, and Joyride tells him where one such place is.
>Emerald runs into a drug dealer on the way, but says no to drugs.
>Emerald finds the store and enters, but apparently some of the ingredients Joyride wants are illegal.

Continued in next post...
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