You are a feminine colt on the run from an abusive history. Can you survive in the world with hunters at your back?
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2016-01-28 08:22:23 No. 26277466
We're gonna try dammit.

As for our training regiment, I think we should alternate.
In the morning do some small casts, and at night hit the limit hard before bed.

2016-01-28 08:31:25 No. 26277592
Try again. Concentrate. Don't look at Joy's face, look at some inconsequential part of her. Don't see Joy, see the target. Think of casting this spell as a test that you already know the answer to. All you have to do is write it down. Emerald's a smart little brat. If any of our three starters can git gud at magic, it'll be him.

2016-01-28 08:56:13 No. 26277914

Emerald gets up and says that he is ready to try again. He points a hoof at Joyride, and squinting his eyes in concentration fires off another Magic Missile

>Body Check
>Rolled 5, failed


Emerald sits bolt up. He is in his bed in the little flat that Joyride gave him. He hears the sounds of clanking dishes and gets up groggily to his hooves and goes into the kitchen.

Ruby is there washing dishes, and seeing Emerald she says,

"Oh! You're awake. You ready to go? Joyride said we're leaving soon."

Emerald asks what happened last night.

"You tried to cast a spell, or something I guess? I wasn't really watching." Ruby says, taking a scrubber to a particular resilient stain, "All I heard was Joyride congratulating you on casting it correctly and then asking if you were alright. When I turned I saw you on the floor."

Ruby then let's out a little chuckle and continues, "Reminded me of some of my room mates after they get home from the pub on Saturday. Anyway, she carried you over to the bed."

What does Emerald do?
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