You are a feminine colt on the run from an abusive history. Can you survive in the world with hunters at your back?
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2016-01-30 07:47:31 No. 26300134
Think about how far away the Zebra lands are and how far that will get us away from the reach of our step-parents.

2016-01-30 07:48:38 No. 26300154
Imagine to ourselves what it must be like to be a swashbuckling sailor wooing mares and fighting monsters.

2016-01-30 07:49:31 No. 26300164
Look at how big the ocean is. It's incredibly big. If we fall overboard and get left we'll be long dead before we can possibly make it to any island. Start hyperventilating.

2016-01-30 08:07:03 No. 26300348

Think happily to ourselves that we befriended someone like Ruby who was in need of a friend.

2016-01-30 08:31:43 No. 26300628

Ruby and Emerald just stare out into the ocean for a while.

Emerald reflects on how far away from his step parents he'll be in the zebra lands. He doubts anyone will look for him there, or even know who he or his parents are. That'll be a load off his back.

Emerald then glances over to Ruby, happy to make a friend, and happy to make a friend who seemingly needed one.

Emerald then glances down into the ocean. If it's really that deep than he needs to take care not to fall overboard. He is pretty sure he can't swim, so it's a one way ticket to the hereafter if he does fall.

Emerald then lapses into a fantasy of being a swashbuckling sailor with a saber in his teeth and a beautiful maiden (who looks a lot like Hope) in his hooves. He is fighting off a particularly large octopus when Ruby says something.

"Man, I wish I had like, a telescope or something." Ruby remarks, squinting into the distance.

Emerald points out they probably have a spyglass somewhere around here.

"Hmm..." Ruby says, and then walks over to the nearby cabin window.

Emerald follows, and inside he sees Bo, Joyride, and a large zebra with a big, trifold hat. That must be the captain. The three are talking merrily, and if he had to guess Emerald thinks that they are catching up on old times.

"How about we look around the ship a bit?" Ruby says, motioning to Emerald and pointing at the door.

Emerald says that they were told to stay on deck.

"Yeah, but it ain't like we are going to be on deck the whole three weeks. It's not like we aren't going to have to see the inside of the ship at some point. Why not now?"

What does Emerald do?
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