You are a feminine colt on the run from an abusive history. Can you survive in the world with hunters at your back?
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2016-01-31 10:48:49 No. 26315852

while trying to find a quiet place to study try to strike up a conversation with Ruby.

2016-01-31 10:46:17 No. 26315829

While teaching her to read thing back on your past tutor both the good ones and the bad ones and the one's you didn't even get to know too well and think of how ironic it is that you are now the tutor .

2016-01-31 10:32:24 No. 26315703
let's teach her to read for a bit and then we can play kill the sea rats/bug in the cargo hold.

2016-01-31 10:21:33 No. 26315573
Grab the book, and let's head onto a quiet deck.

Maybe we can be on the lookout for rats or roaches.

2016-01-31 11:17:18 No. 26316069

(Last of the night.)

Emerald says that they can, and that the just need to find a quiet place to study (and perhaps a small creature to practice spells on!). Emerald and Ruby begin to wander the ship, looking for a secluded corner where they won't be bothered. However seemingly everywhere they go there is a sailor barking orders, loud friendly banter, or an argument.

Eventually they end up back on deck near the bow where they started and just start studying there. They stay there for a few hours, Emerald finally getting through the alphabet and starting to work on larger words. During this Emerald starts to hear snoring, and sees that Ruby has fallen asleep face first into one of the books he brought with him.

Guess the lesson is over for now.

He grins, and then begins to look up at the clouds. It really is quite peaceful at the moment.

What does Emerald do?
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