You are a feminine colt on the run from an abusive history. Can you survive in the world with hunters at your back?
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2016-01-31 11:20:01 No. 26316102
lay back and rest yourself. see if you can make anything out in the clouds. Perhaps wonder what it must be like for pegasi who can stand on such things.

2016-01-31 11:27:44 No. 26316155
let's rest for a bit and then we should go down to the lower decks and kill some rats and bugs.

2016-01-31 11:36:38 No. 26316220
>During this Emerald starts to hear snoring, and sees that Ruby has fallen asleep face first into one of the books he brought with him.
>He grins, and then begins to look up at the clouds. It really is quite peaceful at the moment.

Just enjoy the moment, them later go practice your magic missiles

2016-01-31 11:55:44 No. 26316378
>So I taught that bitch how to read. Bitches love reading.

Let's practice levitating stone until Ruby awakens, then go see if we can zap some roaches.

2016-02-01 10:31:14 No. 26319163
let's reflect on our past tutors (both the good one's and the bad one's) and how we are the tutor now teaching somepony else.

2016-02-01 07:07:09 No. 26318152
It depends on her personality and what motivates her. She could be sort of like Diamond Tiara but cranked up a few notches, including her arousal/lust.

I'd like to reflect back and see her.

2016-02-01 07:02:05 No. 26318141
i wonder if papillion is an end game good end reward. like maybe she would fall madly in love with emerald and finally respect him if emerald takes over the family empire from his wicked step-mother.

2016-02-01 05:14:17 No. 26317845
This sounds interesting. Papillion seemed awfully easily interested in getting rutted. I'd like to know more about her thoughts on Emerald and their prior conversations/relationships.

2016-02-01 05:02:56 No. 26317808
Reflect back on our relationship with Papillion.

2016-02-01 12:23:59 No. 26319966

Emerald puts his book down and decides to take a little rest himself. He gazes up at the clouds, wondering what it would be like to be able to walk on them like a pegasi. He then tries to make various things out the clouds, and spots an apple, as well as a bunny.

Emerald then gets up and starts to wander around the ship, looking for mice to zap with magic missiles. He's a bit nervous at first after being yelled at by the sailors, but none of them seem to be giving him the eye. He's walking around the boxes in the cargo hold when he hears Ruby's voice behind him.

"There ya are. What are you doing?"

Emerald explains that he is looking for a mouse or something to practice magic missiles on.

"Oh, let me help!" Ruby says, staring all around the room.

She searches for a few moments and then says,

"So what happened after you got out of your parent's castle? I mean, did they re-catch you or anything? Did you see Papillon again?"

Emerald says that he hasn't seen his step parents or Papillon since that day, and that he wasn't recaptured. Ruby is obviously fishing for the continuation of how he escaped.

What does Emerald do?
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