You are a feminine colt on the run from an abusive history. Can you survive in the world with hunters at your back?
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2016-02-01 02:36:11 No. 26321323
Roll a perception check to see if it looks like she's affiliated with our step-parents.

2016-02-01 02:37:12 No. 26321339
see if we can cut a hole with the paring knife through the back of the tent and flee.

2016-02-01 04:10:05 No. 26322396
I am confused about why we're shackled though,(i'm assuming she either did that as a precaution, or she knows that Emeralds step parents are looking for him).

She doesn't seem to have too much malintent if we're just shackled and not tied up so we can 't move at all. Maybe, it's too early to say.

We could either try to run away,(or waddle away I guess) or talk to her and ask her why we're shackled.

2016-02-01 04:32:01 No. 26322647
Make like the duck and waddle waddle, waddle waddle waddle the fuck out of there. We're just a kid, why would she need to shackle us, especially when she's got a sword? It's getting the alarm bells tickling.

2016-02-01 07:03:50 No. 26324257

>Perception Check
>Rolled 4, Passed

Emerald looks at the mare and tries to determine whether she might be from his step parents castle or not.

He is pretty sure she isn't from there, however. Her colors are all wrong. Her surcoat is a scarlet red, and doesn't have the Jewel family crest on it. In fact, it doesn't seem to have any crest at all.

Still, the manacles make Emerald suspicious. He thinks he needs to escape.

Emerald takes the paring knife to the back of the tent, ripping and slicing at the fabric the best he can with the shackles on. He manages to cut a reasonably sized hole out and begins to waddle through it when he hears a voice beside him.

"Umm... The entrance to the tent is on the other side, if you want to get out..." The mare says, looking at Emerald questioningly.

What does Emerald do?
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