You are a feminine colt on the run from an abusive history. Can you survive in the world with hunters at your back?
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2016-02-14 02:00:16 No. 26460418
Huh, well sounds like things are going to get pretty morally dicey in a little bit.

I know they're pirates 'n all, but this doesn't really sit well with me personally.

Smuggling drugs is one thing, but pillaging a ship is a whole nother beast in itself.

Do another quick check to make sure no one is coming, and keep listening.

2016-02-14 02:43:53 No. 26461089
Replace "post" with Joyride in pic related and you've got my input for our next action. Well, when we have a moment with just Joy of course.

I don't like the idea of robbing innocent sea-goers. I don't know if we can stop it, I'm sure the crew would literally kill us if we did, but this doesn't really sit well with me, either.

2016-02-14 02:55:36 No. 26461245
There's not much we can do about this, and I don't really wanna make Bo or Joyride mad. We should just sneak away, tell Ruby Joy is busy and practice that Magic Missile spell.
For self defense.

2016-02-14 03:07:33 No. 26461387
Emerald is somewhat worried by the moral implications of piracy, but mostly just excited because YARR HARR FIDDLE DEE DO WHAT YOU WANT COZ A PIRATE IS FREE

2016-02-14 03:06:53 No. 26461377
>robbing innocent sea-goers

Then again we don't know how innocent these sea-goers are. (perhaps we are robin hood types. not likely, but you never know.)

2016-02-14 03:08:15 No. 26461397
Its not my job to tell others how to live their lives.
This is just part of the job when you're a pirate, whatever they do is on them.

Besides they're goal is to just get them to surrender not start a massacre and it's not like they're slavers.
Which after talking to the diplomat from before makes me worry about for when we reach land. I wonder if they condone slavery in the zebralands.

2016-02-14 03:30:24 No. 26461718
>Its not my job to tell others how to live their lives.
I worry about Emerald's integrity as a "goody-horseshoes" if we literally do and say nothing about this and let it happen.

2016-02-14 03:37:40 No. 26461809
Pointless whining isn't really a part of integrity.
We can voice our displeasure to Joy, but we're obviously not going to convince them to stop.

2016-02-14 04:05:08 No. 26462173
>Pointless whining
I never said pointless whining, you're putting words in my mouth. Maybe there's something more substantial we could do.

2016-02-14 05:09:54 No. 26463071
If when Joy comes out, tell her that she should have told us we were going with pirates.

Tell her we're not that hung up on it, because pirates are cool, but she shouldn't lie to us.

2016-02-14 09:01:35 No. 26466251

Emerald finds himself a bit incensed. Why would Joyride not tell him something like this?

"Alright. That'll be it for now Joyride. Also, please go a bit easier on my crew in the future. I do need them to run this ship after all."

Emerald starts to hear hoof steps towards the door, and he takes a few steps back and waits. As Joyride exits the door he frowns angrily at her.

"Oh hey Lil' Perv, what's up?" Joyride says with a grin.

Emerald asks how she could not tel him that they were on a pirate ship.

"Ah ha, well someone was dropping eaves weren't they? Yes Emerald, this is indeed a pirate ship. Fact of the matter is we are on it now and there is no way they are going to pull over and let us back on land, so try to enjoy the trip."

Emerald asks how she could work with people who rob the innocent.

"Well, everyone has to make a living you know. Plus this time we aren't even robbing the innocent. It's a ship full of war booty. Priceless Zebra Land's treasures. What right do the Whitherwater military have carrying those back? I wouldn't call that innocent you know." The Unicorn replies.

What does Emerald do?
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