You are a feminine colt on the run from an abusive history. Can you survive in the world with hunters at your back?
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2016-09-13 06:41:37 No. 28410222
We did set the things in motion to get you out of here, is that not worth answering our questions? What do you have to lose by doing so, besides some time.

2016-09-13 06:43:18 No. 28410233
Ok how about this.
Tell us what you want that won't harm anyone else in any manner and in excange you tell us what we want to know about the amulet and symbol.
If we can't get it now we'll give you an IOU.

2016-09-13 06:49:14 No. 28410275
If you answer our questions we'll let you set something on fire. How's that sound?

Quickly look around for something we could allow to be burned without problems or potential danger.

2016-09-13 06:59:48 No. 28410368
Maybe we could start with something small? Quid pro quo. I ask you one question, you can ask me one question. Total honesty. We won't ask about the amulet or the symbol, either. Something small; call it a Trust Building Exercise. How's that sound?

2016-09-13 07:11:28 No. 28410467

(Last for the thread! I have no idea what I'll be doing for the next OP thread image, so give me some suggestions.)

Emerald says that they can take turns. He'll ask a question and then she can ask a question.

"Huh? But you are the one that wants to ask stuff. Not me. I mean I guess it would be fun to learn a bit about the world since I've been tucked away in that village for so long but... It ain't worth this information." Pip says teasingly towards Emerald.

Emerald says she can set something small on fire in exchange.

"Hmph, I told Sepulcher I wouldn't set anything on fire unless Joyride says it was okay." Pip says, puffing out her cheeks and looking a bit cross at having to listen to that order.

Emerald sighs and asks what she wants, if anything.

As if the universe itself heard his question a small distance away Nishan appears from behind a nearby bush. She appears to be searching the area, but Emerald only notices one thing.

Pip's eyes went wide and sparkly, and she says, "Her soul! I want hers! it's burns so strong and brightly!"

What does Emerald do?
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