You are a feminine colt on the run from an abusive history. Can you survive in the world with hunters at your back?
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2016-09-23 11:29:43 No. 28482226
Tell her to explain everything about the demon in our amulet. Spare no details just the honest truth.

2016-09-23 01:08:52 No. 28482687
She just said to pick a single focused question.

Everyone seems to want to know what the demon in the amulet is. If that is still too broad we could ask what it's name is, failing that maybe it's type. If people seem to be afraid of it maybe we could do our own research if we knew a detail to start from.

2016-09-23 07:47:36 No. 28485274

(Probably the last for the night, but maybe one more.)

Emerald tries to think of a good question to ask her about the demon in his amulet. He finally settles on asking Pip about the amulet demon's name. If he has that then maybe he can do more research himself on the matter.

Pip giggles, and after clearing off a bone she cracks it in two and starts sucking on the marrow. After she does this she smiles and Emerald says, "I don't know it's name, and I don't think there is anyone that does. However the demon in your amulet has a title. Many in fact."

Emerald waits a second as she grabs another piece of meat and strips it clean. She waves around the previously meaty bone and says, "The Chronodaemon, The Time Fiend, and even Qyet Rysarry."

Emerald recognizes that last one as the old deer language. Unfortunately he doesn't know much about that one.

The colt waits for Pip to say more, but she just goes back to eating the boar.

"We done here?" Joyride says. Emerald notices her face is... Well, it's certainly a satisfied look, but it doesn't look happy, "Wanna get to brewing those potions Emerald? We hit the hive tomorrow!"

What does Emerald do?
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