You are a feminine colt on the run from an abusive history. Can you survive in the world with hunters at your back?
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2016-12-15 05:53:02 No. 29069338
>Ah, my butt lantern? Why, it's the coolest of fashion for all the witches and warlocks around!
Oh neat, she must be a witch or something, if the hat didn't give it away. Ask her if she knows any cools pegasi exclusive magics.

2016-12-16 04:33:17 No. 29074682

(Guest drawing by S.nowball!)

Emerald says he is glad she likes the presents, and that she has very good control of her wings. He also introduces himself and Ruby.

"Thanks." Vee says proudly, flourishing her wings.

Emerald asks where Vee is from, and how she knows Joyride.

"I'm from Vanhoover. It's way to the east." Vee says, pointing with her wings, "And I met Joyride when she was drunk."

Emerald and Ruby turn their heads toward Joyride, who grins and says, "She made me something that helped with my hangover."

"Now I make potions for her." Vee says with a nod.

"I thought you could do Alchemy." Ruby says to Joyride.

"Well, Vee is slightly better than me. Slightly." Joyride says, holding her hoofs up to indicate a very small distance, "She'll probably be making the potion we are gathering ingredients for."

Emerald asks if Vee is a witch. Considering her talent with potions, her hat, and her "butt lantern" it isn't exactly hard for him to guess.

"Yup." Is all Vee says, even though Emerald waits for her to say more. Ruby beats him to the next question though, and asks,

"So you use that lantern to read? Doesn't it burn you or anything?"

"Well I take it off my tail before I light it, small soda." She says, looking at Ruby.

Emerald asks if the lantern is her focus.

"Nope. Don't need one." Vee says. This requires enough of an explanation that he was hoping she'd go on, but once again all there is is silence until Joyride asks,

"I have something else for you!"

She then hands Vee an ebony notebook, to which the pegasus asks,

"Oh? A scary little black book. Does it have all your 'friends' numbers in it, or is it evil?"

"A mix of both really. You said something about looking for a necromancer right? Hopefully that'll help you find one. I know there is at least one guy in there who lives near Vanhoover."

What does Emerald do?
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