You are a feminine colt on the run from an abusive history. Can you survive in the world with hunters at your back?
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2018-05-07 04:26:09 No. 32334912
>"Jeez... You always ask so much of a demon. How about this? I save you this time and you let me have one of the soul's of those brainwashed dudes. I mean, that's only fair right?" Pip says, spreading her forelegs wide.

"... no."

2018-05-07 04:28:43 No. 32334920
If she absolutely, positively refuses to help us without claiming a soul, than limit her to the Jewel Family guards.

2018-05-07 04:53:05 No. 32335072
Still a big "NO!", Pip! Besides, you sure you wanna risk it with us gone? I don't know if you can run into a better master than us!

2018-05-07 04:53:25 No. 32335075
Tell her that if she throws in some fire magic lessons she can take all of the Jewel family guards.

I couldn't care less what happens to those guys. Plus best to get them off our back.

2018-05-07 04:53:30 No. 32335076
Pip... Where is your book? And what happens if that book falls into that portal?
...I'm willing to bargain Pip, but you need to make the deal better. How about you save me then do or tell me anything I desirer then you can have one of the guards souls.

2018-05-07 07:50:42 No. 32335919

Emerald says that this really isn't the time and place for this, and that she needs to help him now.

He then tries calling out to Joyride, but he can't tell if she has heard him or not. A stickiness potion or something like that would help, but he isn't sure he could hold himself with just one foreleg.

"Really? Why not? Seems like a great time to me. Is something wrong?" Pip says, sticking out her tongue. "I can't really tell. I mean I was just fighting a succubus so my mind is a little addled. So are my reactions, come to think of it."

What does Emerald do?
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